Conveyor belt automaiton function

Cleated conveyor belts are available at Bervina

Shortage of labour force is a general challenge in all developed countries. In labour intensive segmentslike automative industry, vegatable and friut production, food and packaging industry automation  can add a  significant value.

In our conveyor belt the cleats are in the mold. Life time is aproximately 3 times longer than the welded version. It is not easy to find a quality supplier for this product highly used in fastly increasing robot industry.

Main challenge is designing the mould. When you order a one  cleated conveyor belt you have to pay for the mould, because all toolings are exclusive to the customer. Other advantage of this contruction is that when you have a mould the price of the belt is signicantly cheaper than that of the welded version.So it is worth ordering this contructiojn only if you need volume. FDA version is also available.


Robotics like machines

  • for -picking fruits like kiwi and tomato
  • packaging food like cheese
  • forwarding sausage
  • moving shelves in a library
  • manufacturing tobaco etc

You invest one time and then you enjoy brilliant product with lower priceand long life time. Max length is 1500 mm. Whether the cleats can be integrated into the mould it turns out after studying the drawing.

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