Bervina Ltd updated its NIBA membership

Bervina Ltd, Hungary based family owned company since 1982!

We are manufacturing the most special:

  • VFFS vacuum pull-down belts with unique silicon FDA coating,
  • Single-Moulded FDA conveyor belts (ie.: sausage belts/tic-tac belts),
  • heat resistant silicon and PU belts,
  • and many more…

all made with our self-developed technologies, and machine lines!

We are holding high standards, which means we can sell our VFFS belts to Rovema, Gates or Ammeraal for example!

We can also undertake design of any special tooling and production of special belts not yet in our range!

Please find our catalog along with some of above mentioned data sheets attached, and our tooling list at the following link:

On the other hand we are manufacturing metal parts, flexible couplings, taper bushes, inserts with own CNC line and Team if you have any interest in this range.

Looking forward to provide you VFFS belts meeting OEM quality but at a better price/value ratio!

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