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Bervina Kft. Is the only company in Hungary that manufactures drive technology products with a Hungarian ownership background, a company that has been growing steadily for more than 30 years, selling more than 95% of its production on foreign markets. Continuous development is realized by the company with newer and newer innovations, the imprint of which is the products patented in previous years.
Within the framework of this project, Bervina Kft. Intends to further develop its existing products and technologies. The planned start of the project is 01.12.2018 and the company needs 24 months to implement it.
The project budget is given by the R&D workers involved in the project and the cost of materials.
The place of implementation of the development is the company’s site in Fót, where partly all the equipment is available, partly the own fleet of machinery necessary for the development will be procured outside the present project.
During the project, the company intends to develop products and technologies in the following 3 topics:

  1. Manufacture of coated food belts:
    The company has set a goal to bond FDA coatings with various perforations recessed to FDA base belts to make food conveyor belts even more customer-friendly. For the new technology, it is important that the adhesive must also be FDA certified. The food industry belts are also tested by Nébih under laboratory conditions.
    The most important task is to find the right glue and to develop the technology. In addition to the FDA certification, the adhesive must be of a quality that meets the required mechanical properties, is sufficiently flexible, and that the adhesive is sufficiently durable to use, the strap and coating form a unit, and have adequate drying and bonding parameters.
    During the development it is necessary to carry out material research and to carry out experiments related to gluing.
  2. Design of vacuum openings for packaging industrial coated belts with new technology:
    Straps used in the packaging industry come in a myriad of sizes and types. Almost every new order requires a new type of vacuum port. These vacuum openings are currently formed into a belt with a shore hardness of 40 shore by milling technology. For this to happen, the belt had to be frozen to -173 ° C. This freezing destroys the coating and gluing of the strap. This technological solution is uncertain and dangerous. Instead, the company wants to develop a more modern, faster, more secure technology instead of the old technology.
    The new solution would be a technology based on high-speed grinding.
  3. Manufacture of silicone straps with a hardness of 60 shore:
    In the field of special toothed belts, the company found a niche for high toothed belts that can be used up to 200 ° C. Currently manufactured polyurethane straps cannot withstand this high temperature and can be used at temperatures up to 80 ° C. In order for the mechanical properties of the silicone belt to be adequate, it is necessary to produce a toothed belt with a minimum hardness of 60 shore. A silicone base material of this hardness is a dense, multi-component mass-like material that cannot be cast, so a new one must be developed.
    Following the completion, as a result of the development, the company will subscribe for 3 new products and technologies, from which it expects a significant increase in sales revenue, the sales revenue will continue to come mainly from exports. The indirect goal of the project is to further ensure the dynamic development of the company.
    With the products to be implemented, the company wants to expand in several previously known market segments and break into new areas.
    The sustainability of the project is ensured, as the market for the products to be developed is present and the company has an advantage over its competitors.

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