PU long belt coating with FDA silicone

Dear Bervina Partner,

Please let us inform you about our newest innovation: PU long belt coating with FDA silicone.

This new development allows us to offer new PU belt sizes with different tooth profiles (T10, T5, AT5, AT10, XL, L, H).

More details about our long belts:

  • Length: 800 mm – 2000 mm
  • Width: max. 150 mm
  • Cover: FDA silicone, min. 0,3 mm – max. 6 mm or even more personalized!

This technology is cost effective as possible, and is expected to grow the special design timing belts production.

Guaranteed belt quality and long life span! We are able to avoid unnecessary procedures like using adhesives or molding tools.

First delivery time: November 2020.