Heat resistant silicone timing belt, a unique product made in Europe by Bervina

Heat resistant silicone timing belt
For our greatest surprise this is actually our hottest product now. A belt made completely from silicone with Kevlar® cord bears +200 °C and -50 °C. In addition silicone material is FDA conform and environmentally friendly. Most developed industrial countries are really interested to purchase our belts.

Note that heat resistance of a normal PU timing belt stops at +100 °C but a silicone coating can help in some applications.

We love working with silicone, we put 20 years into this innovation. As early as 1998 it was Bervina who put silicone coating on a bagger belt. The reason was that we were not able to find proper lynatex at that time. When we first exhibited it in Hannover Messe at the year of 2000 the market did not like it right away. It was yellow and the purchasers had red VFFS belt in mind. 20 years passed and nobody questions silicone covered VFFS belt is the top of the market.
Besides timing belt we even invented a coupling with cast silicone insert.

Is is not easy to find a supplier for this type of timing belt. Great companies did not put so much time and energy into manufacturing silicone belts.
New applications show up like automotive industry and vaccine manufacturing besides ovens, stage lighting and many other applications when manufacuring or operating is in hot environment.

We recommend think in profiles AT5, HTD 5M, T10, AT10 when purchasing silicone belts. Smaller pitches are not really appropriate due to density of the present materials. One exception is  T2.5 pitch and narrow belt width combination where we have the know how to overcome difficulties of dense material.
Also good to know that silicone timing belt is rather for transportation purposes than power transmission, but it depends on the load it has to bear. It is reasonable to give it a try as it does not require a great investment for you if you choose from our tooling list (see link below).The whole investment of the trial does not surpass 500 Euros. You can pick up profiles from our list then you can order without paying tooling cost. Delivery can be as short as 2-3 weeks depending on the volume. Minimal order is just 10 pieces.

Bervina tooling list

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