65 ShA hardness silicon timing belt with Kevlar cord heat resistant up to 200 degrees centigrade

Bervina have been working  in mechanical power transmission with silicon for 25 years manufacturing covers for timing belts, and producing couplings with silicon insert.

65 ShA hardness silicon timing belt with Kevlar cord


65 ShA hardness silicon timing belt with Kevlar                                         cord


In the last five years the company invented how to make timing belt in silicon but with the old technology the max shore hardness was only 40. It meant that the silicon timing belt application was only transportation.

Now we are proud to announce that due to an innovation we re able to manufacture silicon timing belt with 65 ShA. Bervina is the only company capable to create this product in Europe.


Because from now on  machine constructors can think of timing belt drives in applications, earlier the could not. Let me tell you an example. Automation in an oven used in food industry.Up to now the only solution would be chain drive but as the drive maintenance include oiling it is our of question.


  • food processing
  • automation within the oven
  • paper pulp manufacturing
  • microprocessing manufacturing
  • semiconductor testing
  • exhibit,stage and building lighting
  • moving sun panels
  • glass manufacturing


We can manufacture all products on our Tooling List from T10. Please note that we have to manufacture minor extra toolings to be able to use the old ones. So you have to order minimum quantity depending on size.


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