A memorable demonstration of the silicon covered timing belt

We are writing this blog for many different players of global business. For those who are in power transmission segment of machine industry, manufacturers and distributors ,  who are in international trade,  who are in online MRO business, who are in SME development, those who are in social media in B2B for woman enterpreneurs  bringing up kids and keeping household at the same time. For those whose sink is sometimes full with dirty pots and go to sleep without washing them up. Begin the day with drinking a bucket of coffee. Those who are enthusiastic about their job and like setting up their own goals.

We began writing this blog with putting down some Case Studies, describing how the organization was set up. We do not write the whole history, just some stories we find hilarious or worth telling you.

Gathering empty bags for test reasons

Interpack in Düsseldorf is the biggest packaging show in the world, so I decided to have a look, because we had an innovation project in the industry. Besides other missions I had to gather empty folia bags exhibited and handed out as samples for future customers of bagging machines. These were bags for coffee, snacks, candy etc.  I needed the material of the bags to test our products to see the adherence of silicon to the folia of different bags with colorful logos and graphics. For several days I was gathering empty bags like a bag lady. By the end of my business travel I managed to collect at least 200 pieces. I was proudly carrying my prey. When I got to my office I poured the bags to my desk with a triumphant feeling. It was Friday. On Monday I got to my office and had no trace of bags. The cleaning lady always comes during the week-ends.


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