ATM machine timing belt with silicon cover

There is a new product available at Bervina for  a new application : ATM machines. Here they run very small pullies and they run very fast. The belt should have very good adhesion to  bank notes.

We think that for this application the best contruction is neoprene timing belt with silicon cover without applying any glue. You need a layered belt in this application. The basic belt must be strong, but for adhesion the cover should be around 30ShA. The usual way manufacturers put layer on the belt is gluing or spraying. If you use glue the basic belt becomes harder and in case of small pullies with high speed the construction becomes two stiff. As to sprayed layer we observe that it easily comes off, so lifetime of the timing belt is relatively short.

In this application for smooth operation it is advisable to use neoprene basic belt instead of poliurethan. For cover we apply silicon without using glue.

We have been working with  chemical engineers  who warned us that rubber and silicon can not bond together.

We are introducing our new neoprene timing belt with silicon cover without  glue. The combination of the superior materials results in precision products with high strength and high flexibility. Now it is available after several years of persevering development engineering.

The two materials are very well bonded together and  the product has excellent properties ideal for applications for ATM machines with small pullies and high speed application.


  •     The tension members are made from low stretch glass fibre cords.
  •     These belts are manufactured in an endless form for greater strength and longer life.
  •     Working temperature : -50   +140
  •     Water resistance: very good
  •     Abrasion resistance: very good
  •     Good resistance to chemicals

Cover Properties:

>        High strength and high flexibility:

>        Tear strength:  >25

>        High Tensile strength

>        Hardness: 30ShA


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