Bervina news articles

Cégünk újabb piacokat szeretne meghódítani, jelenleg Észak- és Dél-Amerika a célpont. Terjeszkedési szándékunkról több internetes felületen is megjelentek cikkek, melyek a linkekre kattintva olvashatóak. Our company is looking to conquer new markets, currently targeting North and South America. Articles about our expansion plans have been published on several websites and can be found by clicking […]

Bervina silicone technology update

we have developed a new manufacturing process for production of small length, small pitch full silicone heat resistant timing belts. Available new lengths: 145 mm – 300 mm Available new pitches: AT5 XL Available silicone hardness: 40 ShA, 65 ShA Have a look at the production sample of a silicone 60XL 100mm FDA PU/PE belt. […]

Bervina leading manufacturer

Bervina is a leading manufacturer of special cast timing belts, coated and VFFS timing belts, as well as beam couplings and taper bushings.The conapny export globally, have a look at the map! Our skilled sales team is happy to assist you.

Heat resistant silicone timing belt, a unique product made in Europe by Bervina

Heat resistant silicone timing beltFor our greatest surprise this is actually our hottest product now. A belt made completely from silicone with Kevlar® cord bears +200 °C and -50 °C. In addition silicone material is FDA conform and environmentally friendly. Most developed industrial countries are really interested to purchase our belts. Note that heat resistance […]