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How Severe Competition

How Severe  Competition is  between European and Asian PT Manufacturers?   Since I entered the door into my firm in year 1992 this is an ongoing question for us, a highly globalized niche company manufacturing special quality PT components and exporting 94% of products to [...]Read more

Good quality timing belts

 Too Good Quality to Sell it Profitably It is amaising what I have heard recently about Bervina’ VFFS belts. Believe or not one of our former Dutch distributors told it about our haul off timing belt to a local competitor there. The thing is  that for a while we were in a [...]Read more

Custom-made Flexible Shaft Couplings

There is a great competition on flexible shaft coupling market in Europe. For better ROI some of the distributors import these products from Asia. However if customer wants something extra it is not easy to find a good supplier. Our company is able to serve special requests as [...]Read more

Diversified Application of Bervina Timing Belts

Bervina have been manufacturing cast timing belts since 1982 based on its own patented technology. Applications include: packaging, food, dairy, sausage, cable processing, mining, glass industry, chip technology, factory automation. Bervina is a leading manufacturer of bagging, [...]Read more

We are looking for distributors in East Europe

We are looking for distributors in East Europe for our unique PT products made in Hungary Bervina Ltd have been manufaturing quality Power Transmission Products based on its own patend products since 1982. 85% of the sales are export targeted mainly to Germany and the USA. We are [...]Read more

Hannover Messe 2015 for Bervina

It was the 8th time for us that Bervina has exhibited products in Hannover Messe. Quick Debriefing Everybody knows Bervina. Growing brand awareness and friendly cooperation. Was the first time for the company to took part together with EPTDA, which helped networking due to [...]Read more

Unique Disc coupling Design at Bervina

Sales point of this coupling is that the disc insert in changable in this design despite of the others ones available on the market where in case of failure the whole product should be changed. The insert does not cost more that 0.5 Euro. The product is made of stainless steel. [...]Read more

How yellow silicon VFFS belt began his career

How yellow silicon VFFS belt began his career and now becoming CEO of vacum belts in the US! Twenty years ago in Europe almost each VFFS timing belt were covered with red linatex. Everybody was happy to use it. At that time  it was Laszlo Bernath, CEO of a 5 person, innovative [...]Read more

FDA Sausage Belt Available at Bervina

FDA Sausage Belt Available at Bervina in two Constructions   1. One Layer Sausage belt Made of environmentally friendly FDA PU with  stainless steel cord reinforcement.    Hardness is 80 Shore A.    Heat resistance on operating temperature 80°C (on short run up to 100°C)    [...]Read more

ATM machine timing belt with silicon cover

There is a new product available at Bervina for  a new application : ATM machines. Here they run very small pullies and they run very fast. The belt should have very good adhesion to  bank notes. We think that for this application the best contruction is neoprene timing belt with [...]Read more

Heat resistant timing belts available at Bervina

Heat resistant timing belts available at Bervina up to 100 or 200 °C. Which One to Chose? If your working temperature is higher than °C you can use timing belt with heat resistant properties. This product provides an alternative solutions for your drive system  in high [...]Read more

Renewed Tooling List at Bervina

With this blog we would like to assist you in using our tooling list when you decide which product to order.  Bervina is only in manufacturing special timing belts, special in profile, material, cord, layers etc. With our table mold or cast timing belt technology we enter the [...]Read more

EASY is a no backlash helical cut aluminium coupling

EASY is a no backlash helical cut aluminium coupling with a unique idea It is actually a beam coupling but you can screw in the bores. You  can   stock the helical cut body with a pilot bore  and seperately you stock different bores. When you get the order you pick up the bores [...]Read more

One of the new one: KOMAX Rollers

KOMAX rollers available at Bervina Material: metal and poliurethan. Bervina manufactures custom tailored rollers based on either drawing or a sample sent by the customer. There is an economic way of renewing your KOMAX roller in the way that Bervina changes only the plastic part [...]Read more

Significant Price Drop for Quality Beam Couplings

Significant Price Drop for Quality Beam  Couplings at Bervina  There is a huge global competition on manufacturing and selling beam couplings. In the last decade  new players appeared  on coupling market and  prices began descreasing. To be more competitive Bevina made technical [...]Read more

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