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Bervina become PTDA members

After 32 year of operation in Hungary (EU) Bervina decided to strenghten its presence in the United States. After joining the NIBA belting association we become members of PTDA as well to join the North-American circle of power transmission professionals. We established Bervina [...]Read more

Corresponding with SME Marketing at LinkedIn

  I have received this letter from SME Marketing at Linked : Celebrate your success.Share your story.   “Agota, It looks like you’re seeing success using LinkedIn for business—great work! To celebrate your success, we want to share your story. Tell us how LinkedIn [...]Read more

Bervina Became NIBA Member

Bervina Became NIBA Member   Beginning introduction of additional products and market as well as establishing brand identity for company and products, Bervina decided to join NIBA this summer. Establishing permanent, direct presence in US market the company also open his new [...]Read more

Bervina keyless bushing

Stainless steel and carbon steel keyless locking devices are on stock at Bervina. This is a very easy to use taper bush to fix components on a plain shaft without using keyway. Locks and unlocks only with the twist of a nut. Taper bushes are for shafts 4 mm to 25 mm. There is [...]Read more

Bosch Quality Puller Belts Available at Bervina

Bosch VFFS timing belts are widely used in packaging industry. In MRO business they use where they pack something into a bag by a VFFS machines made by Bosch. It is a great challenge to manufacture a precise Bosch timing belt. The timing belt is made with vacuum holes with [...]Read more

Benchmarking Bervina’s Timing Belts

Bervina have been operating in the European timing belt business for 30 years manufacturing its products based on its own patented technology. Cast timing belt or table mold timing belt business is unique on the continent. Big brands want volume and with this technology you can [...]Read more

What other people say about Bervina

A new LinkedIn Group was started called Channel Executives specialized for discussing B2B lead generation and social media. There Louis Foong, the founder of the group wrote an article on customer engagement giving pieces of advises how to improve our marketing job with prospects [...]Read more


Which one to choose? Draw down belts are used in packaging industry when something is filled into a folia or paper bag. Draw down belt is also called haul off or bagger belt, covered belt, vacuum belt or VFFS belt. The later term is an abbreviation from Vertival Fill form and [...]Read more

Distribute Silicon covered Timing Belts

Mini Business Strategy to Distribute Silicon covered Timing Belts We have a  success story from one of our SME customers. You can use it as a Case Study. The Stategy is intereseting, because it gains a lot of orderes in a very short period keeping costs low. In SME business it is [...]Read more

Sales tips used in B2B business

Dan Waldschmidt featured his remarkable sales tips used in B2B business. I share it with you. Sales can get complex. Customers get difficult. Deals seem elusive. Leaders get upset when you are producing. That’s not all. Sometimes the help you get isn’t all the [...]Read more

FDA VFFS Timing Belts Available at Bervina

Within the framework of Bervina’s “GreenDrive” project the company developed a full range of VFFS timing belts.  These green and clean drive components are offered for all cases where industrial production exists. Producing environment friendly manufacturing drive components not [...]Read more

A short overview of our timing belts

Bervina Ltd. has been manufacturing timing belts for 30 years now being on the world market with its products with continuous success. Our great experience in manufacturing makes us available to produce the highest quality belts available. Bervina uses its own manufacturing [...]Read more

Special designs for Bervina beam couplings

Bervina helical beam couplings are an all-metal single piece construction manufactured by cutting a helix into the stainless steel or aluminum body. The coupling is capable of accommodating angular, parallel and axial misalignment while continuing to transmit torque between [...]Read more

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