Opening a new size in tic-tac belt

Due to huge customer need we open a new size: T5-350 for our sausage belt product range to our existing toolings: T10-370, T10- 840, T5- 330, T5- 625, T5- 840, T5- 510 Bervina manufactrure the product in one layer from FDA poliuretan. Stainless steel reinforcement result low [...]Read more

Conveyor belt automaiton function

Cleated conveyor belts are available at Bervina Shortage of labour force is a general challenge in all developed countries. In labour intensive segmentslike automative industry, vegatable and friut production, food and packaging industry automation  can add a  significant value. [...]Read more

TicTac belts

FDA SausageBelt Availableat Bervina There is a growing need for food quality timing belts where the product  is indirect contact, is transported by the belt it self. Due to the surface shown on bellow picture the belt also called tictacbelt. The company have been manufacturing [...]Read more

One piece molded cleated belts

One piece molded cleated belt with kevlar cord. The cleats are in the mold. Life time is aproximately 3 times longer than the welded version. It is not easy to find a quality supplier for this product highly used in fastly increasing robot industry. Main challenge is designing [...]Read more

Bervina work in a new factory

It has only been one week since the staff at Bervina, has relocated to a new manufacturing facility, situated in the industrial area adjacent to Budapest. Our new 800 square meter factory is equipped with high tech ventilation, cooling, heating and lighting systems, powered by [...]Read more

Bervina have been creating a global brand

Bervina have been manufacturing quality cast timing belts in Hungary  since 1982. Last week we received an email informing us that Bisnode listed us to Category AAA. In our country 0.63% of companies have this qualification. The same week we got a letter from a major [...]Read more

Bervina a niche company

Bervina, a niche company has been manufacturing quality PT elements +30 years. Based in Hungary, Budapest the firm managed to build a global brand with its cast timing belts, VFFS belts, shaft couplings and taper bushes. Bervina has been manufacturing special timing belts based [...]Read more
We are looking for distributors in whole Europe for our unique PT products made in Hungary Recently EPTDA  published an article on present tendencies of power transmission which contained the  following sentences: We have to be prepared tor ride out a soft 2016 for Western Europe [...]Read more

Double Layer Sausage Belt available at Bervina

Bervina is a high level manufacturer of special cast timing belts operating+ 30 years with as global brand. Bervina has been manufacturing the FDA one layer sausage belt and market them succesfully all over the world due to favourable price and first class quality. At the same [...]Read more

Bervina is significantly enlarging capacity

Preserving the present customers and production facility Bervina, the Hungarian power transmission manufacturing company is significantly enlarging capacity in a green field investment project. A brand new workshop is being created with new machines and toolings.See drawings. [...]Read more

Timing belt with Layer made by Bervina

These are bestseling products within the company. Market leading OEMs are buying these items showing world class quality.Bervina can offer both  PU and Neoprene basic belt with Silicon, Rubber, Lynatex and soft PU cover.    The datasheet bellow helps the customer to pick up [...]Read more

Food Grade Timing Belts Made by Bervina

Food Grade Timing Belts Made by Bervina   With development of electronics and  automatization new challenges emerged in power transmission industry. In first wave of development food  and pharmaceutical industry was concerned in  the way that demand has been created for [...]Read more

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