BRECO® Timing Belts

BRECO® is synonymous with polyurethane timing belts due to many years of manufacturing highest quality in the field of thermoplastic polyurethane and the development of BRECO® and BRECOFLEX® production processes and their continuous development.

Bervina is a sales partner of Wilhelm Herm. Müller, Germany, an official distributor of BRECO- and BRECOflex Timing Belts.

We offer also Bervina VFFS belts based on BRECOflex on demand with silicone, rubber, Linatex® polyurethane coatings and longitudinal tooth machining.

© all above information is courtesy of BRECOflex Co., LLC

Available belt pitch:       

T5, T10, T20, AT3, AT5, AT15, AT20, ATP10, ATP15,

XL, L, H, XH,

BAT10, BAT15, BATK10, BATK15,

TK5 K6, TK10 K6, TK10 K13, ATK5 K6, ATK10 K6,


other pitches and tooth forms on demand

Most belts are available also in Food Contact PU material, steel, stainless steel or Kevlar tension member, double toothed version, with or without PAZ coating, truly endless “SFX”, open-ended “M” and Spliced/Welded “V” form.

Belt specification example: [width] [pitch] PU [optional food contact] [optional tension member] / [length] [construction] [optional tooth side coating]

 30 T10 PU FC Kevlar / 630 SFX PAZ