Heat resistant silicone timing belt, a unique product made in Europe by Bervina

Heat resistant silicone timing beltFor our greatest surprise this is actually our hottest product now. A belt made completely from silicone with Kevlar® cord bears +200 °C and -50 °C. In addition silicone material is FDA conform and environmentally friendly. Most developed industrial countries are really interested to purchase our belts. Note that heat resistance […]

PU long belt coating with FDA silicone

PU long belt coating with FDA silicone Dear Bervina Partner, Please let us inform you about our newest innovation: PU long belt coating with FDA silicone. This new development allows us to offer new PU belt sizes with different tooth profiles (T10, T5, AT5, AT10, XL, L, H). More details about our long belts: Length: 800 mm – 2000 mm Width: max. 150 mm […]

We care about our environment

We care about our environment Bervina Ltd have been operating with green energy to minimize Global Warning, both with Thermal and Solar Technology. Please send us inquiries for purchasing-cast timing belts-VFFS belts-flexible shaft couplings-taper bushes With ordering from us you minimize enlarging your footprint.

Project support

Bervina Kft. Is the only company in Hungary that manufactures drive technology products with a Hungarian ownership background, a company that has been growing steadily for more than 30 years, selling more than 95% of its production on foreign markets. Continuous development is realized by the company with newer and newer innovations, the imprint of […]

FDA VFFS Belt is Available at Bervina at Bervina LTD

This is 100% FDA product manufactured with green energy,  an answer for a growing need from FMCG companies like Nestlé to use only FDA components in their plants. Our motivation was  the protection of the environment and health and safety of customers during the the innovation process of these products. So the baby was born. […]