Core Values of Bervina


Bervina has been manufacturing quaility PT elements for 33 years based on stable core values contstant all these years.

  • OPENNESS for All Cultures and New Ideas
  • Innovation

It is fairly unusual that a company has such a long history of being an innovative company for such a long period. At Bevina it took almost 20 years. During that period company’s profile was mainly involved in innovation not production and sales.

How can it be? The owner was a brilliant developed engineer with the only interest of finding amazing solutions for challenging technical quetions. He was absolutely not interested in profit.” I can wear only one pair of jeans, why should I have another one?” As a consequence Bervina became proprietor of excellent prototypes and patents. Other impact that company was constantly struggling for survival and was lucky enough to get state subsidiaries for innovation.

From this century on innovation became more customer oriented and production and sales got priority. As the company is in niche market with specialized, small orders the company has been innovating constantly and passionately enjoying advantage of lon history of innovation within the organization.


Bervina has been operating on a small market. 6% of its sales is local.To be able to operate globally you should be open to all cultures. We create business friendship all over the world from Indonesia to Marocco, From Brazil to Slovenia. We treat every partner as a colleauge. It also means that if we can not find something here we go there without procrastating, without being hurt or making opinion on anyone.


We fee deeply responsible what we do. We feel responsiblity for ourself first of all. That is why we do not have a second or a third shift within the organization. We think that all colleauges need to spend time with familiy members, friends, hobbies, soap operas, shopping anything you can do only in the afternoon or in the evening. About the third shift is proven that there is close relationship between cancer and third shift. We do not want to thrive with paying such a high price. We say no.

It is also important that is we have a failure we take responsibility as a group.


It is synonime for solidarity within the organization and self organization. There is a huge space for team work. We have ISO 9001 and processes are elaborated but staff have more fun if they decide in many cases.

Top quality niche company

We are set among huge PT companies keen in smaller, specialized demands. We accept  orders with great care having quality as a priority.

Commitment to free economy

Bervina is an independent organization committed to free economy.Have only a few restrictions enjoying freedom in making decision ,having fun in fullfilling own ideas.

Ready to change

It seems controversial but the organization is always ready to change if we find new challenges, interesting approaches, new technical solutions, like green program, SEO marketing or new patnerships.


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