Diversified Application of Bervina Timing Belts

Bervina have been manufacturing cast timing belts since 1982 based on its own patented technology. Applications include: packaging, food, dairy, sausage, cable processing, mining, glass industry, chip technology, factory automation.

Bervina is a leading manufacturer of bagging, VFFS timing belt. These covered belts are used in food and packaging industry where they   pack something like snack, seeds, coffee, etc into a bag. Here range of products is one of the widest in the world. Bervina can substitute practically any belt for aftermarket and also have clients in OEMs. These are seamless, truely endless products  without slot with all kind of vacum shapes with a variety of covers you can see on our website.


Next great application is food industry. Due to food grade, green products Bervina’ s FDA timing belts are very popular. Regulations in food industry are becoming more and more strict. There are companies like Nestlé where tendency is that only food grade products can be procured.

In dairy industry they use our one piece moulded food grade cleated timing belt with one piece moulded cleates. A tipical application is where they forward  pieces of cheese in the way that they place one product between two cleates.

Bervina sausage belt is also food grade and the rough surface of this product is suitable for forwarding  sausage. Please have a look at our website to see sizes. Also note that we can widen sizes in case of a significant need. The company is manufacturing its own tooling. Please have a look at the Tooling list on the company’s website.


Bervina have the so called KOMAX belt for cable processing needs. They use a pair of timing belts for pulling a piece of cable for cutting it for suitable length.)

In mining industry they use a Bervina belt coated with 40 ShA PU. In this case the basic belt is 92 ShA and the cover should be much softer. Bervina mould the coating to the basic belt, so when it is ready the two materials behave as one. No peeling.


In glass and chip industry market use Bervina’s capability to manufacture heat resistent timing belts.  Here there are two posibilities depending on  the heat resistency you need. If 100 degrees centigrade  is enough  Bervina can manufacture heat resistant PU with same properties as usual PU timing belt.In case the requirement is 200 degrees centigrade the solution we offer is the silicon timing belt with glass cord. Loadability  here is one tenth of the PU belts, so application here is transporting hot elements or use it in  hot environment.


For factory automation you can use all the above products or customers can work together in designing a new  special timing belt   in cooperaton with our brilliant engineers.


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