Easy Coupling

Bervina Easy couplings are manufactured under the company’s own patent. Easy coupling is a combination of a beam coupling and taper bushes.

This technology makes it easy to install the coupling on the shafts without drilling the bore. Couplings have a very high torsional stiffness that makes it appropriate for motion control applications where extremely accurate positioning, frequent stop and goes and reverse rotation is required.

The coupling works with zero backlash and constant velocity that compensates for angular, parallel and axial misalignments during operation. The body part is a single piece aluminum construction with helical cut.

  • Metric bores are available from 4mm to 12 mm
  • Compensates for angular, parallel and axial misalignments
  • Zero backlash
  • Constant velocity
  • High tolerance to chemicals, corrosion, heat
  • Short delivery time
Type: Bore Size:   Dimensions (mm)          
  D1, D2 min. (mm) D1,D2 max. (mm) OD (mm) L (mm) N (mm) Ang. Offset (deg.) Par. Offset (mm) Max. Torque (Nm)
Easy-4 4 8 19,1 28 8 3 0,08 4
Easy-5 5 10 25,4 40 11 3 0,1 8
Easy-6 6 12 31,8 58 16 3 0,15 14


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