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Our Story

Bervina is a highly globalized family owned company manufacturing Power Transmission components with the control of ISO 9001:2000 quality control system.  The company has been operating for almost 40 years based in Hungary, within the European Union.

Our main product line is cast timing belt based on  an own patented technology.

Applications of our timing belts:

  • food production
  • packaging
  • automation
  • cable processing industry

Through continuous research and development, Bervina Ltd. has emerged as a significant European supplier in special belting design and fabrication.

In 1995 we added two metal products to the range of products:

  • miniature flexible beam couplings
  • taper bushes

 We have a large network of distributors all over the world and we are continuously looking for new partners. Some of our existing clients are Lovejoy Inc., SDP, Ondrives, Ammeraal Beltech,F.N. Sheppard, Nestle and so on. If you are interested in our products, please contact our sales team.

Competitive Edges

  • excellent quality
  • competitive pricing
  • personalized service
  • availability of small volume
  • customized component manufacturing. 

Our staff

Colleagues in the office

Ágota Bernáth
Gabriella Kassai
Financial Manager
István Pintér
Head of Sales / Értékesítési vezető
Balázs Urbán
Sales manager / Értékesítési manager
László Bokor
Senior Engineer
Zsolt Tímár
Head of Timing Belt Workshop
László Bernáth
General Manager

Colleagues in the factory

Ádám Cserjési
Margit Horváthné
László Bokor id.
Miklós Szalay