How I learned basics of Power Transmission

I have a master degree in arts. I began working at my firm as a marketing person knowing nothing about the industry. It was in the beginning of the nineties. I was the wife of the owner. At that time there was a lot of government supported business travel opportunities to Europe for SME-s. I participated in a couple of business travels to all over the continent representing our firm. Before the first one I asked my engineer husband to train me for the business meetings. He had never had any time. One day I told him, tomorrow I go to Manchester to meet some prospects but I do not know what to tell them. He said he is busy until the evening but later we talk about it over some beers. We put our three children into bed and went to a pub. After two beers we began the lesson: angular misalignment, no backlash, torsional stiffness, gauges and reamer, centrifugal molding technology, thermoset , TDA, MDA polyurethan. “I do not know what these expressions really mean”-I told my husband. “We do not have much time left, so do not bother about the meaning. You will be talking to engineers and they will understand it.” They did. That’s how we began building our globalised market. We do have ongoing business deals with those businessman I met after the short training in the pub.


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