Miniature Couplings

Bervina manufacture wide range of miniature couplings to provide solutions for applications such as linear actuators, resolvers, ball and lead screws, shaft encoders, stepper and servo motors, robots, positioning tables, computers.

We serve different industries with our miniature flexible coupling shaft products to choose from like printing, packaging, machine tools, linear motion.

All products are manufactured in Bervina’s Budapest, Hungary (EU) factory under the strict control of our engineers. The plant operates under ISO 9001-2000 quality management system. After 12 years in operation we started production of metal products in 1994.

Our first metal products were helical beam couplings what was followed by different style of couplings in the following years.

Now we have a wide range of miniature couplings to serve your motion control needs such as jaw style, oldham style, parallel and silicon insert couplings.

If you interested to order our miniature couplings please note: less than 25 of any type of couplings are always available from stock only in 1-2 days time. Delivery time for bigger orders are approximately 2 weeks from the order day.