Bervina Ltd updated its NIBA membership

Bervina Ltd, Hungary based family owned company since 1982! We are manufacturing the most special: VFFS vacuum pull-down belts with unique silicon FDA coating, Single-Moulded FDA conveyor belts (ie.: sausage belts/tic-tac belts), heat resistant silicon and PU belts, and many more… all made with our self-developed technologies, and machine lines! We are holding high standards, […]

Bervina Update

Bervina Ltd has been manufacturing quality PT products since 1982 and we think and sell globally. 97% of our products is export. Each of our products can be sold all over the world.  The company based in Hungary attracted and supply  customers globally-60 countries- including Lovejoy Inc, Designtronics,  Belt Corporation of America, Gates, Megadyne,  Habasit, […]

Conveyor belt automaiton function

Cleated conveyor belts are available at Bervina Shortage of labour force is a general challenge in all developed countries. In labour intensive segmentslike automative industry, vegatable and friut production, food and packaging industry automation  can add a  significant value. In our conveyor belt the cleats are in the mold. Life time is aproximately 3 times […]

Opening a new size in tic-tac belt

Due to huge customer need we open a new size: T5-350 for our sausage belt product range to our existing toolings: T10-370, T10- 840, T5- 330, T5- 625, T5- 840, T5- 510 Bervina manufactrure the product in one layer from FDA poliuretan. Stainless steel reinforcement result low elongation, outstanding reliability, high tensile strength. The advantags also  include: economic price, long […]