Oldham Coupling


Bervina Oldham coupling is a three piece design product where between the two aluminum hubs there is a replecable center disk. In case the disk fails or wears it can be easily replaced and the coupling can work with its original performance.


Type Bore sizes (mm) Dimensions (mm) Ang. offset (deg.) Nominal torque (Nm) Max torque (Nm)
D1, D2 D1, D2 OD L N
min. max.
OS-16 3 6 16 18 7 3 0,7 1,4
OS-20 3 8 20 23 9 3 1,2 2,4
OS-25 5 10 25 28 11 3 2 4
OS-32 8 14 32 33 13 3 4,5 9

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