Range of products significantly widened for VFFS timing belt in Bervina

Bervina has been manufacturing VFFS belts for more than 25 years and sell them on all continents. They began production with Rovema belt, the T10 630 with silicon cover.

For a long time this was the only product they could provide. Then came T10 700 and all other sizes and cover possibilities like , Lynatex,  rubber and soft PU. Bervina innovated rubber raw material of its own on a competitive price.

The company are among few manufacturers who can mold polyurethan timing belt and is able to provide a cover on in house. If customers need neoprene basic belt they acquire them on the market and can put the same covers as on the PU basic belt construction.

Now the company thinks globally and ready to supply practically any need in this segment of industry.

Bervina invested a   lot  into this segment because  for all VFFS sizes and vacuum shapes they need different toolings. Bervina offer only no cut, seamless version of haul off belts.

Though the company supply OEMs like Rovema and Ilapack GmbH as well as Bosch India,  most of the products are sold on aftermarket. The goal is to be able to provide any VFFS timing belt up to length 980 mm with any vacuum shape with either Lynatex, rubber, silicon or soft PU  cover with no minimum order.

For vacuum applications with PU basic belts construction the company always use cord support outside basic belt for gaining best quality.

Recently Bervina procured a new cord support outside tooling 210 T10 720 due to  expanded customer needs.

Latest innovation of the company includes a VFFS construction in the way that silicon is molded on the PU basic sleeve without using glue for the bond. The innovaton available in size T10 630 and new sizes can be added in case of steady needs.

Usually different vacuum shapes are made in the way that the shapes are in the  tooling . That is the most precise technology to manufacture this product. As toolings are very expensive there are shapes  they process with CNC machines after putting the plain cover on the basic belt. Using CNC technology ensures that the shapes will be extremely precise.

For diversification Bervina offers heat resistant and FDA version of VFFS belt as well.

Now there are great many of distributors who buy all silicon covered VFFS belts for their customers  from Bervina because this is the construction the company is most competitive. Bervina was the first player who put silicon cover on  haul off belts about 25 years ago and now this is the top of  market.

Bervina will be exhibiting these products this spring in Hannover and Dusseldorf on the Interpack. Come and visit us!

If you need a VFFS belt, please ask us inquiries.


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