Taking Part as a First Timer on PTDA Summit and MD-IDEX

Do what you make you Happy!

Taking Part as a First Timer on PTDA Summit and MD-IDEX

Sitting on the airplane I was happy to read the Flow by Csinkszentmihalyi, Bill Clinton’s favourite book published in 1991 and then saw the film version of Thomas Hardy’s Far From the Maddening Crown

The thoughts of these pieces of art were flowing in my mind when we landed in Chicago. The book, the film, Ryan Estis’ persentation, Brenda, Ginger our visitors in MD-IDEX, Barbara’ tears, Ajay Bajay as a Man in Black, practically all players I met there promoted one idea: Do what you make you happy and feel the flow!

If we try to express it with more words we can put it this way:

If you are deeply believe of the fact what you do is good, you are best version of yourselves, you totally focused, you have a reachable target and with smart mind, deligious work, passion, gratitude and respect to all, courage you achieve whatever you want. Also showing your vulnerability. We feel the flow why doing our job like sports champions or artists deeply fascinated in creating something great. I felt the flow many times during the summit meeting with persons having the same core values.

When I passionately talking our company’ unique design coupling and I see that my partner in conversation has really got it.



That he sees why I tell him that there is a fresh idea in my colleauge,s Gábor Bereczk’ innovation. We combine a beam coupling with a taper lock in the way that you can just crew in the final bores into the coupling body solving a constant problem with one brilliant idea. I also mentioned that one company in the US is copying us in the way that they use another design body and we both laugh. I feel the flow. Perhaps he also does. According Csikszentmihályi this is why we live. It is not money, not luxorius objects but being happy while feeling the flow not just during your hobby or fulfilling our simple needs but doing our job.

Going back to Thomas Hardy’ book telling the 19th century story where there is a taugh and courageous sort of woman entrepreneur, an independent woman feeling responsibility for a small community consisting of mainly male persons doing her job passionately, one step outside her comfort zone. Creating her brand with her authentic personality, differenciate herself in the business with being a woman in a male dominated world and bonding proper parthnership in the end. Keywords mixed from Ryan Estis’ presentatin during the summit with my own creed.

Real market for Bervina’s products would be America, my late husband told me as he put it 20 years ago. All products are high tech combined with precise skilled hand work. We never will be able to sell them in the US due to lack of resources.

Yes, he was right at that time but things have changed, the company strengthened, Brand building, Company optimalizing and Search Enginge Marketing has been developed with affordable means. For an example just type into Google the keyword: „heat resistant timing belt”-and Bervina is the first one there. „Bervina is everywhere”-as one of my partners put it.

And here we are, the small woman directed company is on the US market + ten years. Awarded by the local Ministry of Economics with best SME price . We see bright future . I believe that with a good quality product, with deligious work, with a vision, passion, ambition and beliefe instead of fear you can reach your dreams.

Thank you to all!


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