TicTac belts

FDA SausageBelt Availableat Bervina

There is a growing need for food quality timing belts where the product  is indirect contact, is transported by the belt it self. Due to the surface shown on bellow picture the belt also called tictacbelt. The company have been manufacturing this product + 10 years with great customer satistaction.

Advantage of this contruction is that it is one layer, so the cover does not wear off. Life time of the product is longer than enough forcost/value ratio.

Right now Bevina have mould for the following sizes:

  • T10 370
  • T5330
  • T10 625
  • T5 840
  • T10 840

Properties of thetictacbelt:

  • Made of environmentlyfriendly FDA material
  • Stainlesssteelcordreinforcement
  • Hardness: is 80 ShoreA
  • Heatresistanceonoperatingtemperature 80°C (onshortrunupto 100°C)
  • Good behavioratlowtemperature
  • Verygoodresistancetohydrolysis
  • Good resistancetoabrasion
  • Good resistancetooil, solvents, hydrocarbons
  • Loadability is equalwithnormal PU timingbelts

Please contact:

aniko.gergely@bervina.com Or denes.toth@bervina.com


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