VFFS Timing Belts

Bervina manufactures VFFS timing belts using Polyurethane or Neoprene base belts with hardness 90 ShA in both metric and inch profiles.

These VFFS timing belts consist 3 layers: endless basic toothed timing belt + glue + seamless coating in hardness 35-45 ShA. Bervina has  a variety of coating offered in silicone, Linatex, rubber and Pu. Standard thickness is 6mm. Available length of coated in house made belts are from 330 mm to 980 mm.

We offer you our vacuumed VFFS timing belts with different type of holes and shapes. Our fabrication includes tooth removal, grinding, grooves and slotting.

We can serve your VFFS belt needs with a product made of only FDA quality materials where the base VFFS timing belt is polyurethane and the cover is silicone.