Double Durometer FDA Sausage Belt NEW!

Mechanical and Chemical Properties:

  • Made of environmentally friendly, food contact quality FDA materials
  • Stainless steel cord reinforcement
  • Truly endless, cast outer layer, no glue, no cut
  • Hardness: base belt 80 Shore A, outer layer with nobs 50-80 Shore A
  • Base belt option with PAZ
  • Heat resistance on operating temperature 80°C (on short run up to 100°C)
  • Good behavior at low temperature
  • Very good resistance to hydrolysis
  • Good resistance to abrasion
  • Good resistance to oil, solvents, hydrocarbons
  • Loadability is equal to normal PU timing belts
Type: Tooth Profile: Length: (mm) Max Width: W (mm) Cord reinforcement: Griding on tooth side:(mm) Coating (max-min) (mm) Coating (ShA) Optional Vacuum Constr.: P (mm) Alfa/R (°/mm) H1 (mm) H2 (mm)
T5-625 T5 625 32 StainlessSteel no no 50-80 no 5 40 °

T5-625 PAZ T5 625 32 StainlessSteel no no 50-80 no 5 40 °